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RO Configuration

So Much Time Is Needed To Learn Scripting/Programming, Well You Can Own A Server Without Even Learning To Script Or Program A Single Code.

We Offering My Services Developing That Covers Configuration.
> Max Base Level
> Job Level
> Base Level EXP Rates
> Job Level EXP Rates
> Normal Item Drop Rates (Common/Equip/Card)
> MVP Item Drop Rates (Common/Equip/Card)
> Edit Script NPC
> Edit Web-Cpanel
> Add Src Source Patch
> Class Max ASPD
> Class Max Stats
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Gepard Gameguard Lifetime License

Basic Functionality ₱9000.00 PHP
Basic Functionality $180.00 USD
Check Integrity Memory Of Code Section(Game EXE) <
Check Integrity Of Game Exe <
Check Integrity Of Dll In The Client Folder <
Encryption Of Network Packets With Dynamic Key <
Protection Against Dll Injection <
Protection Against WPE/RPE/OpenKore <
Opportunity To Get Unique ID Of Player (Based Not On MAC) <
Opportunity To Block Player By Unique ID <
Prevent Run On Virtual Machines <
Search Launched Cheat Software(OllyDbg, Cheat Engine, PotND, meth4u, xRag, xLike And Other) <
Works With The Last Version Of RCX <
Generates Crash Log <
Second Additional Functionality
Prevent Emulation Of Mouse And Keyboard ( $40 USD Price ) <
Prevent Use Nodelay ( $40 USD Price ) <
Prevent Redefinition Resouces In Grf ( $40 USD Price ) <
It Is Additional Module Which Loads Special GRF After Loading GRFs From The DATA.INI. Gepard Calculates Hash Of This GRF And Send To The Server. On The Server Side You Can Set Legit Hash. To This GRF You Can Put Resources Which You Don't Allow To Override. For Example Sprites Of The Character. Gepard Prevents Attempts To Load GRFs After Loading special GRF.
The Gepard Installation On Your Server/Client Is Already Included For Free And Setup Time Will Take 48 Hours Or Less.
NOTE: If You'll Change EXE Version In The future, It Will Cost ₱1,000 PHP Or $20 USD One-Time Pay.