Offline Server

Offline Server Emulator

Emulator Offline Server Package 1

[ - Basic Package - ]
rAthena Emulator
Version Client (2012-04-10aRagexe)
1 Mini Lite Client Installer
150 Basic Custom Item Package

No Modify Soul Link
Ready To Install This For Your VPS Hosting Or In Your PC To Get A Offline Server, if You Do Not Know How To Install It On Your PC Let Us Know For The Information You Can Use To Install It.

[ - Basic Server Information - ]
Max Base Level 99
Max Job Level 70
Max Aspd 190
Max Stats 99
Max Zeny 1B

[ - Server Feature's - ]
Pre-Renewal Setup Server

[ - Basic NPC's Package - ]
Reset Stats Npc
Job Changer Npc
Warper Npc
Donation Machine Npc
Platinum Skill Npc
Universal Rental Npc
Stylist Npc
Card Remover Npc
Gold Room Npc
Item Mall Npc
Lotti Npc
Exchange Coin Npc
1-7 Refiner Npc
8-10 Refiner Npc
Mvp Warper Npc
Healer Npc
Instant Job Npc
Card Seller Npc
Quest Shop Npc
Treasure Hunter Quest Npc
Break The Seal Quest Npc

[ - Basic Automated Event Script - ]
Poring Catcher
Find The Mushroom
Hourly Point
Battleground War Defence
Last Man Standing
Devil Square

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